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Exide Care authorized dealer certificate
B N AUTO SERVICES is dealer for agricultural tractors in Mysore since 1985. Over the years enormous good will and customer base has made the company grow from strength to strength. With sound marketing and technical knowledge, is presently an authorized dealer for Kubota Tractor, Japan's No.1 Tractor Company.
Tips to keep your battery running this summer. 1. Get you battery checked by authorized battery dealer. Topping-up required will be done and other charging parameters checked for its correctness. 2.Keep Battery Cool - Try and park your vehicle in shaded or covered areas. 3. Turn off unwanted electronic loads especially when the engine is off. This avoids battery draining. 4.Stay Charged. Properly charged battery stays healthy. If needed, use a correct specification battery charger.
Most reliable battery dealer in Mysore since 1975. Exide car batteries, UPS, Inverter, Sealed batteries & 2 Wheeler batteries.
Authorised Exide Battery Dealer for Cars, Bikes, Scooters, UPS and inverters. Visit us for a free battery health checkup of your car battery.
Car, UPS & Inverter Battery Dealers in Mysore since 1975. Authorised Exide Care Outlet.